CryptoMiner™ 1070-6 (6 GPU GTX1070 mini TI Mining Rig)

$5,600.00 $5,500.00

Hashrate (Ether) : 183 ~ 189 MH/s
Power Consumption : 760 watts
Estimated Monthly Profit : $352.51 sgd

*Earnings are estimated based on Nov 2017 market rate.

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  • Plug and Play Rig, Ready to Mine your favorite coin out of the box.
  • Energy Efficient Power Supply’s.
  • Optimized overclocked and undervolt for highest profitability.
  • Configured and tested with high stability to mine 24/7,
  • earn while your away from home, asleep or on vacation!
  • Remote access capabilities to monitor the rig while away from home.
  • CryptoSG rigs are able to mine almost any coin!
  • Components have full Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Optional : Built To Order (choose customized components and we’ll build it for you)
  • Recommended : CryptoMiner™ Management (We run the miner for you!)


Hashrate (Ether) : 183 ~ 189 MH/s
Power Consumption : 760 watts
Estimated Monthly Profit : $352.51 sgd

*Return of Investment is estimated based on Nov 2017 market rate,
which includes prices of cryptocurrencies, mining difficulty, Singapore’s electricity tariffs, equipment, and other factors.


Warranty :

GPU : 5 years

Motherboard, CPU : 3 years

SSD, ram : 1 year

PSU : 3 months


CryptoMiner™ Basic purchases comes with Free Delivery and Setup.

Including tutorial for creating your first cryptocurrency wallet and exchange account, if you haven’t already.

All customers enjoy cryptocurrency guidance support @ 88088205! (whatsapp)


Ease of use

Plug in your CryptoMiner and connect using standard ethernet cable and you will be mining in seconds.

Mine almost any coin

Mine Zcash, Ethereum, Siacoin, Zclassic, Hush, Nicehash, Pascalcoin, Monero, DubaiCoin, Chaincoin, UBIQ or choose from hundreds of other GPU based alternate coins that exist or are new to crypto currency.  You can also receive weekly Bitcoin payments if you do not wish to mine coins directly!  Tech support also available.

Earn easy revenue with mining

See how much you can make! Check out these earning calculators to see how much this miner can generate.


In the event of a power outage CryptoMiner will automatically start back up and begin mining.
Tech support is available for any issues.


CryptoMiner are configured to hash immediately out of the box.  The default setting is to mine convert all earnings to Bitcoin and pay out to your Bitcoin wallet. If you do not have a Bitcoin wallet we can walk you through the process of creating one. If you are interested in mining other coins please let us know and we can configure this for you.


If you are not a technical person do not worry, Tech Support is available at


Graphics card brand may vary from the picture above. Also as mining difficulty varies from day-to-day hashrates (mh/s) may fluctuate as well as profits.

CryptoMiner™ Basic SPECS

Operating System
  • Windows 10 Professional pre-installed
CPU Power
  • Intel CPU
GPU Power
  • CryptoMiner Basic is powered by 6 x Nvidia GTX 1070 mini
Power Supply
  • Ultra Efficient 1600W Power Supply
  • Standard 3 Prong SG/UK Power Cable
  • Ultra Efficient/Fast 60GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • Steel CryptoMiner Frame
  • Configured for optimal air flow and efficiency


Exclusively CryptoSG members only :

When you decide to sell your rig or gpu, CryptoSG can help you sell it (advertising, inspection, negotiating, etc.) with commission and admin fee of 5% of selling price. This offer is only available during CryptoSG’s Rig / GPU management contract period.



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