Sells all cryptocurrency mining gears, host mining rigs & asics,

… plus talks alot about actual implementation, future, and philosophy of decentralized technology.


CryptoMinerâ„¢ Delivery and Installation at $150 ($50 for 2nd rig onwards in same delivery).

Including creating your first cryptocurrency wallet and exchange account, if you haven’t already.


As crypto-mining enthusiasts ourselves,
we ensure highly competitive prices for you,
and share knowledge by experience (heavily invested trial ‘n errors!),
instead of hearsay.

With the existential hype in cryptosphere,
we will guide you to navigate through the hundreds of digital coins,
their real implementation and impact (instead of just $x & $y),
avoid the scams & pitfalls (i.e. bitconnect, ponzi, bogus products & services),
GPU vs Asics mining, risks and rewards, etc…

with our humble experience and opinion.

We are here to help Singaporeans adopt the future of currency,
learn more about decentralized technologies,
and help you make some money along the way.